Mount Timpanogos Singles
Mount Timpanogos Singles

Some of our past Speakers and Entertainers


Elder Joe Christensen

Elder Gene R. Cook

Elder Max Caldwell

Elder Craig B.Terry

Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone

Jeff Swinton: Area 70


Lloyd Newell: The Spoken Word

Sean Reyes: Utah Attorney General

Michelle King: KSL News anchor

Yeah Samake: Mali Presidential Candidate, 2013

Martin Tanner: KSL Religion Today

T.C Christensen: Producer of "17 Miracles"

Jon & Michelle Schmidt: The Piano Guys

JC Holtz: Underground Railroad

Steve Harper: The Joseph Smith Papers

Patrick Degn: Religion Professor

Matthew Godfrey: Joseph Smith Papers

Heidi Swinton: Pres Monson's Biographer

Tod Harris: Great-great grandson of Martin Harris

Glenn Rawson: The Joseph Smith Papers

Michael Kennedy Jr.: Producer of "Emma, My Story"

Larry Barkdull: Author, Pillars of Zion

Daniel Rona: Israel & South America archeology

Kenneth Cope: LDS Composer and Song Writer

Todd Hansen: Story Trek Host, BYUTV

Mike Farrington: Author "Christmas Morning Gift"

Cameron Wright: Author "The Rent Collector"

Joseph Grenny: Founder "The Other Side Academy"

Rob Cornilles: US Congress Candidate

Steve Eastmon: Personal Psychologist

Mark Basil: Personal Trainer

Chris Yadon: "Mormon vs Gospel Cultures"

Jason Mow: Author "Book of Mormon Wars"

Max Parkin: Author and Religion Instructor

Lee Groberg: Movie Producer, Groberg Films

Todd Nielson: LDS Convert

Duane Crowther: Prolific LDS Author

David Brown: LDS Mission President

Alan Knight: Expert on Arnold Frieberg

Daniel Cook: Teacher - How to avoid loving a jerk

Kirk Maglebay: Book of Mormon Central Website

Alan Patterson: Humanitarian Cleff Palatte MD

Glenda Christiaens: UofU Nurse on Stress Management

Richard Norby: Brussels terrorist attack survivor

Stephen Hunsaker: CES Instructor and Author

Troy Dunn: The Locator TV Show

Bob Kittell: International Motivational Speaker

David Parra: ""

Dan Debenham: Relative Race - BYU TV

Terryl & Fiona Givens: LDS Scholars and Authors

Dean Hughes: LDS Author - Children of the Promise


Emily Snyder: LDS Project Manager

Steven Olsen: Church History Department

Stephen Anderson: Fam Hist Author - A Broken Tree

Mary Ellen Edmunds: Time Out For Women

Angela Johnson: Christ Sculptor - "Light of the World"

Keith Hamilton: 1st BYU African American law graduate 

B.Chamberlain: "Man's Search for Happiness" film

Larry Gelwix: Rugby Coach in "Forever Strong" Movie

JoAnna Flynn: Modern-day Erma Bombeck

David Handy: "Christ in Mesoamerica"

Gary and Joy Lundberg: Authors and lecturers 

Quinn Gunn McKay: General YM president, Business Exec

L. Carvel Whiting: CEO of "Believe International"

Eric Dowdle: Artist and public speaker

Greg Olsen: Artist

Al Rounds: LDS Artist in Water Color

Judy F. Lever: Attorney - Family Law

Alvin Jackson: Attorney - Constitutional Law

Gove Allen: BYU Professor, Heritage Foundation

Kim Smith: Descendent of Joseph Smith

Dan & Kathy McGraw: Missionaries to Africa 

Curt Dahl: Executive, Bonneville International

Mark Miner: Addiction Recovery Missionary

Ramy Louis: Convert, Son of Black Pastor

Pam Egbert: FLDS Convert

Doug Robinson: Deseret News Reporter
Isaac Thomas: First black marriage in SLC Temple

Jeff Ringer: Director of BYU's Kennedy Center for International Studies

Walter Plumb: Humanitarian missionary in Middle East (Kurdistan)

Scott & Maurine Proctor: Meridian Magazine Editors

Mike Ramsdell: US Intelligence Agent

Roy Banks: Highly successful CEO

David Grant: Hundreds of LDS Websites

Al Switzler: Founder Vital Smarts

Adam Abel: Founder GoFilms (Forever Strong, Freetown)

Lester Moore: Past Director of Polynesian Cultural Center

Matthew Grey: Hebrew scholar and BYU Professor

Skip Weeks: Photograher 

Kerri Guthrie: Painter

Lu Arnold: Digital Scrapbooking

Linda Simmons: Hearts Knit Together

Roger & Melanie Hoffman: Composer "Consider the Lilies"

Terry Ball: BYU Religion Professor

John Hilton III: BYU Religion Professor

Ganel-Lyn Condie: Author and Personal Coach

Linda Cole: BYU Educ Week Presenter & Ombudsman

Sarah Coyne: BYU Family Science Faculty

Bryan Halverson: Manager Zion's Bank

Mike Maudsley: Physical Therapist

Heather Moore: Author, Historical Novels

Sarah Jane Weaver: Editor Church News of Deseret News

Chris Dutson: From Rosaries to Covenants Convert

Thomas Tyler: Institute Teacher

Josh Redd: Wellness expert and Religion Teacher

Doug and Connie Boudreaux: Life Fulfillment, Business Exec

Jolene Allphin: Church History, Handcart Stories

Richard and Kathleen Walker: Pres Hinckley's daughter

Tanner Hutchens: Broadway BofM Play Convert

Dave Smith: Community Action

Diane Thomas: The Today Show Host

Bob and Kathy Nilsen: Story of Amish Converts

Cristel Foreman: Freedom Festival Honoree

Darren Parry: Native American

Amy Williams: Cokeville Survivor

Neils Valentiner: Rome Temple Architect

Jeff Taylor: Boncom Projects

Sarah Hinze: Movie Producer - Remembering Heaven




Camille Fronk Olson: BYU Scripture Professor and Department Chair

Doug Brinley: Emeritus BYU, "Being Single in a Married Church"

Richard Draper: BYU Religion Professor

Cindy Lee: BYU Professor, Psychology

Kelly Ogden: BYU Religion Professor

Dusty Smith: Anti-Mormon Convert

Gary Rhoads: BYU Marriott School of Business, "Stop, Think, Lead"

Cindy Kern: BYU American Heritage, "Virtue in the Republic"

Jeff Hill: BYU Professor, Family Life Sciences

Casey Griffiths: BYU Religion Professor

Forrest Hale: Relationship Counselor, "Family Imperative"

Paul Jenkins, Ph.D: Pathological Positivity

Matt Townsend: Relationship speaker

Tracy Barrand Hermans: Family Counselor

Alisa Goodwin Snell: KSL Relationship Coach

Dr. Liz Hale: Relationship Coach

Brad Wilcox: BYU educator

Kimberly Giles: KSL Relationship Coach

Susan Easton Black: BYU Educator

Michael Wilcox: BYU Educator

Vickey Taylor: Motivational speaker

John Bytheway: Motivational speaker

Robbie Bosco: Football legend

Vernon Law: Baseball great
Burgess Owens: NFL Superbowl Winner

Chris Williams: Forgiveness -  Movie: "Let It Go"

Connie Sokol: Motivational Speaker

Terry Caple: Dating Hygiene Expert

John and Cammie Nebeker: Wellness, Narcissism

Richard & Linda Eyre: Motivational Speakers

Val Baldwin: TV personality and relationship coach

Jennifer James: Author, Family Therapist

Darren Johansen: Family Therapist

Carrie Wrigley: Counselor and Therapist

David Durfey: Patriarch and CES Educator

R. Jean Addams: Church History Expert

Carol Whitaker: Mentor and Life Coach

Todd King: Professional Trainer & Speaker

Lili Anderson: Author & Life Coach

Abby Stephens: Motivational Speaker

Mike Schlappi: Motivational Speaker

Ann Washburn: Body Language Expert

Steve Shallenberger: Author and Executive

Dr. Maurice Baker: Nutritional Specialist

Michelle McCullough: Motivational NSA speaker

Kordell Norton: Motivational NSA speaker

John Fossum: CES Institute Teacher

Jared Halverson: CES Institute Teacher

Karen Prier: Personal Trainer

Coren Noyes: Financial Expert

David Bradford: LDS Technology Advances


Steven James: Musician, Something Good Website

Danor Gerald: LDS Movie Star

John Canaan: Musician and Composer

Marvin Goldstein: Pianist

Igor Grupman: Violinist

David Glen Hatch: Pianist

David Tolk: Pianist

Peter Brienholt: Composer and Entertainer

Paul Cardall: Pianist

Jon Schmidt: Pianist Extraordinaire

Tamara Oswald & Jeannine Goeckeritz: Harp & flute; Orchestra at Temple Square

James Oneil Miner: Composer and pianist

Sam Payne & Cherie Call: Story Tellers and Musicians

Todd Horne: Mountain Blue A'cappella

Ariel Bybee: Metropolitan Opera

Joel McCausland: Afterglow Music

Sunshade 'n Rain: International Performers

Stephanie Boyd: Composer and Singer

Wayne Burton: Composer, Singer, Performer

Susan Ronson: Singer and composer

Bonnie Harris: Singer and performer

Iris: Nashville singer

Karen and Andrea Hughes: Violinists, Orchestra at Temple Square

Annalece Misiego Booth: LDS Singer

Dallyn Bayles: LDS Musician


Joshua Creek: Country Western Band

Buzztones, 12 piece Jazz Dance Band

Auld'skool 6 piece Dance Band

Can't Stop Rockin':  50 & 60's Dance Band

David Townley: David Townley Dance Band

Paul Burnside Band

Conrad Lloyd: Square Dance

Richard Launderman band

Dyer Highway: Three piece country band

Midlife Crisis: Dance band

Cross Strung: Blue Grass Band


The Lower Lights: Old time religion sounds great instrumentals  

Shilaylee: Celtic & American Music





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