Some of our past Speakers and Entertainers

Abby Stephens: Motivational Speaker
Adam Abel: Founder GoFilms (Forever Strong, Freetown)
Al Rounds: LDS Artist in Water Color
Al Switzler: Founder Vital Smarts
Alan Knight: Expert on Arnold Frieberg
Alan Patterson: Humanitarian Cleff Palatte MD
Alisa Goodwin Snell: KSL Relationship Coach
Alvin Jackson: Attorney - Constitutional Law
Amy Williams: Cokeville Survivor
Angela Johnson: Christ Sculptor - "Light of the World"
Ann Washburn: Body Language Expert
Annalece Misiego Booth: LDS Singer
Ariel Bybee: Metropolitan Opera
Auld'skool 6 piece Dance Band
B.Chamberlain: "Man's Search for Happiness" film
Bob and Kathy Nilsen: Story of Amish Converts
Bob Kittell: International Motivational Speaker
Bonnie Harris: Singer and performer
Brad Wilcox: BYU educator
Bryan Halverson: Manager Zion's Bank
Burgess Owens: NFL Superbowl Winner
Buzztones, 12 piece Jazz Dance Band
Cameron Wright: Author "The Rent Collector"
Camille Fronk Olson: BYU Scripture Professor and Department Chair
Can't Stop Rockin':  50 & 60's Dance Band
Carol Whitaker: Mentor and Life Coach
Carrie Wrigley: Counselor and Therapist
Casey Griffiths: BYU Religion Professor
Chris Dutson: From Rosaries to Covenants Convert
Chris Williams: Forgiveness -  Movie: "Let It Go"
Chris Yadon: "Mormon vs Gospel Cultures"
Cindy Kern: BYU American Heritage, "Virtue in the Republic"
Cindy Lee: BYU Professor, Psychology
Connie Sokol: Motivational Speaker
Conrad Lloyd: Square Dance
Coren Noyes: Financial Expert
Cristel Foreman: Freedom Festival Honoree
Cross Strung: Blue Grass Band
Curt Dahl: Executive, Bonneville International
Dallyn Bayles: LDS Musician
Dan & Kathy McGraw: Missionaries to Africa 
Dan Debenham: Relative Race - BYU TV
Daniel Cook: Teacher - How to avoid loving a jerk
Daniel Rona: Israel & South America archeology
Danor Gerald: LDS Movie Star
Darren Johansen: Family Therapist
Darren Parry: Native American
Dave Smith: Community Action
David Bradford: LDS Technology Advances
David Brown: LDS Mission President
David Durfey: Patriarch and CES Educator
David Glen Hatch: Pianist
David Grant: Hundreds of LDS Websites
David Handy: "Christ in Mesoamerica"
David Parra: ""
David Tolk: Pianist
David Townley: David Townley Dance Band
Dean Hughes: LDS Author - Children of the Promise
Diane Thomas: The Today Show Host
Col. Donald A. Walbrecht (USAF, Ret) Author, SR-71 Blackbird Pilot
Doug and Connie Boudreaux: Life Fulfillment, Business Exec
Doug Brinley: Emeritus BYU, "Being Single in a Married Church"
Doug Robinson: Deseret News Reporter
Dr. Liz Hale: Relationship Coach
Dr. Maurice Baker: Nutritional Specialist
Duane Crowther: Prolific LDS Author
Dusty Smith: Anti-Mormon Convert
Dyer Highway: Three piece country band
Elder Craig B.Terry
Elder Gene R. Cook
Elder Joe Christensen
Elder Max Caldwell
Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone
Emily Snyder: LDS Project Manager
Eric Dowdle: Artist and public speaker
Forrest Hale: Relationship Counselor, "Family Imperative"
Ganel-Lyn Condie: Author and Personal Coach
Gary and Joy Lundberg: Authors and lecturers 
Gary Rhoads: BYU Marriott School of Business, "Stop, Think, Lead"
Glenda Christiaens: UofU Nurse on Stress Management
Glenn Rawson: The Joseph Smith Papers
Gove Allen: BYU Professor, Heritage Foundation
Greg Olsen: Artist
Heather Moore: Author, Historical Novels
Heidi Swinton: Pres Monson's Biographer
Igor Grupman: Violinist
Iris: Nashville singer
Isaac Thomas: First black marriage in SLC Temple
James Oneil Miner: Composer and pianist
Jared Halverson: CES Institute Teacher
Jason Mow: Author "Book of Mormon Wars"
JC Holtz: Underground Railroad
Jeff Hill: BYU Professor, Family Life Sciences
Jeff Ringer: Director of BYU's Kennedy Center for International Studies
Jeff Swinton: Area 70
Jeff Taylor: Boncom Projects
Jennifer James: Author, Family Therapist
JoAnna Flynn: Modern-day Erma Bombeck
Joel McCausland: Afterglow Music
John and Cammie Nebeker: Wellness, Narcissism
John Bytheway: Motivational speaker
John Canaan: Musician and Composer
John Fossum: CES Institute Teacher
John Hilton III: BYU Religion Professor
Jolene Allphin: Church History, Handcart Stories
Jon & Michelle Schmidt: The Piano Guys
Jon Schmidt: Pianist Extraordinaire
Joseph Grenny: Founder "The Other Side Academy"
Josh Redd: Wellness expert and Religion Teacher
Joshua Creek: Country Western Band
Judy F. Lever: Attorney - Family Law
Karen and Andrea Hughes: Violinists, Orchestra at Temple Square
Karen Prier: Personal Trainer
Keith Hamilton: 1st BYU African American law graduate 
Kelly Ogden: BYU Religion Professor
Kenneth Cope: LDS Composer and Song Writer
Kerri Guthrie: Painter
Kim Smith: Descendent of Joseph Smith
Kimberly Giles: KSL Relationship Coach
Kirk Maglebay: Book of Mormon Central Website
Kordell Norton: Motivational NSA speaker
L. Carvel Whiting: CEO of "Believe International"
Larry Barkdull: Author, Pillars of Zion
Larry Gelwix: Rugby Coach in "Forever Strong" Movie
Lee Groberg: Movie Producer, Groberg Films
Lester Moore: Past Director of Polynesian Cultural Center
Lili Anderson: Author & Life Coach
Linda Cole: BYU Educ Week Presenter & Ombudsman
Linda Simmons: Hearts Knit Together
Lloyd Newell: The Spoken Word
Lu Arnold: Digital Scrapbooking
Mark Basil: Personal Trainer
Mark Miner: Addiction Recovery Missionary
Martin Tanner: KSL Religion Today
Marvin Goldstein: Pianist
Mary Ellen Edmunds: Time Out For Women
Matt Townsend: Relationship speaker
Matthew Godfrey: Joseph Smith Papers
Matthew Grey: Hebrew scholar and BYU Professor
Max Parkin: Author and Religion Instructor
Michael Kennedy Jr.: Producer of "Emma, My Story"
Michael Wilcox: BYU Educator
Michelle King: KSL News anchor
Michelle McCullough: Motivational NSA speaker
Midlife Crisis: Dance band
Mike Farrington: Author "Christmas Morning Gift"
Mike Maudsley: Physical Therapist
Mike Ramsdell: US Intelligence Agent
Mike Schlappi: Motivational Speaker
Neils Valentiner: Rome Temple Architect
Pam Egbert: FLDS Convert
Patrick Degn: Religion Professor
Paul Burnside Band
Paul Cardall: Pianist
Paul Jenkins, Ph.D: Pathological Positivity
Peter Brienholt: Composer and Entertainer
Quinn Gunn McKay: General YM president, Business Exec
R. Jean Addams: Church History Expert
Ramy Louis: Convert, Son of Black Pastor
Richard & Linda Eyre: Motivational Speakers
Richard and Kathleen Walker: Pres Hinckley's daughter
Richard Draper: BYU Religion Professor
Richard Launderman band
Richard Norby: Brussels terrorist attack survivor
Rob Cornilles: US Congress Candidate

Robbie Bosco: Football legend

Robert Millet: BYU Religion Professor

Roger & Melanie Hoffman: Composer "Consider the Lilies"

Ronald E. Bartholomew: CES Instructor and Author

Roy Banks: Highly successful CEO
Sam Payne & Cherie Call: Story Tellers and Musicians
Sarah Coyne: BYU Family Science Faculty
Sarah Hinze: Movie Producer - Remembering Heaven
Sarah Jane Weaver: Editor Church News of Deseret News
Scott & Maurine Proctor: Meridian Magazine Editors
Sean Reyes: Utah Attorney General
Shilaylee: Celtic & American Music
Skip Weeks: Photograher 
Stephanie Boyd: Composer and Singer
Stephen Anderson: Fam Hist Author - A Broken Tree
Stephen Hunsaker: CES Instructor and Author
Steve Eastmon: Personal Psychologist
Steve Harper: The Joseph Smith Papers
Steve Shallenberger: Author and Executive
Steven James: Musician, Something Good Website
Steven Olsen: Church History Department
Sunshade 'n Rain: International Performers
Susan Easton Black: BYU Educator
Susan Ronson: Singer and composer
T.C Christensen: Producer of "17 Miracles"
Tamara Oswald & Jeannine Goeckeritz: Harp & flute; Orchestra at Temple Square
Tanner Hutchens: Broadway BofM Play Convert
Terry Ball: BYU Religion Professor
Terry Caple: Dating Hygiene Expert
Terryl & Fiona Givens: LDS Scholars and Authors
The Lower Lights: Old time religion sounds great instrumentals  
Thomas Tyler: Institute Teacher
Tod Harris: Great-great grandson of Martin Harris
Todd Hansen: Story Trek Host, BYUTV
Todd Horne: Mountain Blue A'cappella
Todd King: Professional Trainer & Speaker
Todd Nielson: LDS Convert
Tracy Barrand Hermans: Family Counselor
Troy Dunn: The Locator TV Show
Val Baldwin: TV personality and relationship coach
Vernon Law: Baseball great
Vickey Taylor: Motivational speaker
Walter Plumb: Humanitarian missionary in Middle East (Kurdistan)
Wayne Burton: Composer, Singer, Performer
Yeah Samake: Mali Presidential Candidate, 2013


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