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Mount Timpanogos Singles

Mt. Timpanogos Singles


Tanner Hutchens


Thursday April 18th, 2019


"My Book of Mormon Musical Conversion Story"


Tanner was born in North Carolina.  He grew up with his grandparents, who were staunch Southern Baptists.  In high school, when we was cut from the basketball team, he was put in theater class. He fell in love with theater class and the high school musicals that were performed.  Then he heard about this Broadway Musical called “The Book of Mormon”.  He flew to New York just to see the musical and fell in love with it. He had never heard of Mormons before nor anything about the Book of Mormon.


When he returned back home, he started researching about “Mormonism.” He decided he wanted to meet some “real Mormons” so he found a church and went to a sacrament meeting. At the meeting were two young ladies with little black nametags on. When he asked his grandparents if he could meet with them, they said if he did that he could no longer live with them.  So he met with the lady missionaries at Mcdonald’s and Arby’s. When he decided to get baptized, he had to move into his car for several weeks.


Come and join us to hear the rest of his conversion story. He has several videos on YouTube.  If you want to watch some of his videos search for Tanner Hutchens on YouTube. 


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Normal Weekly Program (Join us again next week)


7:00 – Potluck dinner. Please bring cassseroles,

side dishes, salads or desserts.

8:00 – Fireside Speaker or presentation

9:00 – Mingle/Refreshments/Dancing


Cost: Bring a food dish to share – no entrance cost

Without food - $7.00.  Dance only - $2.00



Normal location:

Traverse Mountain at

Hunter Chase Chapel at (behind Outlets at Travers Mnt)

2198 Foxtrail Drive, Lehi.



Directions: From I-15 go East on Highway 92

(Timpanogos Hwy Exit #284)

Turn left (North) at the second light onto Triumph Blvd. (at Hyatt Place)

At the T turn left onto Traverse Mountain Blvd.

Turn right onto Foxtrail Drive. (4th street)

Church is on the right after the curve.



We will finish the night with dancing to the extraordinary music of

Russ Davey, Sound DJ

Boasting professional


For your dancing pleasure.

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