Mount Timpanogos Singles
Mount Timpanogos Singles

Join Us for a Virtual Activity THURSDAY, Game Night on 15 April, 2021 @ 8:00 pm via ZOOM

"Timpanogos Singles Game Night"

"Come and enjoy a Game Night with your Timpanogos Singles Friends.  This is an opportunity to meet new friends and to have some fun together."


For the fireside activity this week we will be playing games over ZOOM. It will work like this:

  1. We will have several breakout (5 to 7) rooms as part of the ZOOM broadcast. 
  2. When you join with ZOOM, you will be assigned to a breakout room. Each breakout room will have about 5 to 7 participants.
  3. Each breakout room also has a host person from our MTS Executive Committee who will organize the game.
  4. Each breakout game room will have a different game. Normally the first few minutes will be spent with introductions and getting to know each other.
  5. After about 20 minutes, all the breakout game rooms will close and everybody will come back to the main ZOOM meeting.
  6. New breakout room assignments will be made, and each person will get to meet new people and participate in a new game.
  7. We expect to be able to have 3 rounds of games between 8:00 and 9:00. 


Due to Covid-19, our Fireside Meetings are conducted online through ZOOM. You can join the meeting using your downloaded ZOOM app.or going online to and filling in the meeting ID and Passcode below. You can also join the meeting by clicking the button below.  Our Firesides are taped and posted on our official Facebook page within about a week if you are unable to join us live.

Meeting ID: 923 462 1649
Passcode: mts23797

Miss the fireside? Don't forget to log onto our Official Facebook Page to re-watch our previous speakers, anytime! Share with your friends, have a watch party, or rewatch a fireside that touched you.. Spread the word. We have wonderful guest speakers!! 

Click the big blue F to the left or the button below!!!! Enjoy!!

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