Mount Timpanogos Singles
Mount Timpanogos Singles

Mount Timpanogos Singles Mutual Dell End of Summer Activity

Labor Day - Monday, September 2, 2019

6:00 pm - 9:45 pm


MTS will provide hamburgers and hot dogs.

Please bring Side Dishes, Salads, and Desserts.




DINNER MUSIC AND DANCING  with David Townley’s Band

MORE DANCING to the music of Russ Davey

Also Sing-Along or visit and tell stories at the fire.



Cost is $7.00 plus a side dish, salad or dessert.

(Soda pop or bag of chips does not qualify. $12 without food.)   

Mutual Dell is 6 miles up American Fork Canyon.

To avoid park fees tell park ranger “Going to Mutual Dell


NOTE******* Carpooling is required! *******NOTE

 Single-person vehicles will need to park off site.

Parking is very limited at the site. Everyone please meet at the Highland East Stake Center to help with carpooling before going up the canyon. Let’s have cars leave the church every 10 minutes.

(5:10, 5:20, 5:30, 5:40, 5:50, 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30)  

Location: SR 92 Timpanogos Hwy - 4679 W 11000 N, Highland

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